After 121 years, God has given us a vision to build a $3.3 Million state-of-the-art edifice that will meet the needs of a community that needs career development services, job-training facilities, childcare services, family enrichment seminars, community development workshops, and community revitalization projects.


Our Past

Lillington Star Church has been in existence for over 120 years, teaching, building, and strengthening the Shawtown community through powerful ministry initiatives and exciting programs.


Our Present

After 120 years of dynamic ministry, Lillington Star is currently in need of many expensive repairs and technological upgrades to maintain its pivotal role in the community. Unfortunately, there is no room for expansion at the current location.


Our Future

With over 100 people joining Lillington Star within the past two years and with new disciples joining almost every Sunday, the need for a new building is real.  But so is the commitment to God’s purpose for this historic moment, evidenced by the purchase of 12 beautiful acres of land. However, without the assistance of caring and faithful friends and businesses, Lillington Star will be severely limited in what it is able to build and offer at a time when the need for a progressive ministry is so great.


Our Need

 We are asking friends of the ministry like you to build and prosper with us by making a tax deductible investment in us. You can invest in the vision now!